Cannabidiol for dogs? More information here!

The CBD compounds

Dog owners should know that CBD compound is not psychoactive. CBD compound will not make dogs high. This non-psychoactive compound was found out that to be well-tolerated, even in high doses. CBD compound is reported to have no known toxic level. Studies also showed that this specific compound is not capable of overdosing. Do you want to know more about cannabidiol for dogs, more information here!

Many dog owners don’t know which CBD product they will give to their dogs. Some of them don’t know what the best for their pets is. However, many experts suggest using CBD oil as much as possible. The dosage of CBD products varies according to the size of the dog, their condition and brand of CBD product you are using. However, dog owners should always remember that CBD compound is not toxic and will not cause overdose to their dog.

The three types of CBD products:

  • CBD oil

CBD oil is the fastest CBD product to take effect. CBD oil only needs to be directed and absorbed under the dogs’ tongue, and CBD will take effect immediately. However, CBD oil has the most robust taste and your dogs may not want the taste and will not consume the fuel.

  • CBD Capsules

Capsules with CBD compound, however, need to pass through the digestive tract and will take at least 45 minutes to take effect. This can be an alternative to CBD oil if the dog doesn’t want the taste of CBD oil or if the dog is susceptible to intense flavors.

  • CBD Treats

Just like CBD capsules, CBD treats need to enter the digestive tract of the dog and CBD compound will take effect at least 45 minutes after. Dog owners opt to use this CBD product if their pet is a picky eater and don’t want the strong taste of CBD oil.