The Truth About Pure CBD Tincture

The wide availability of cannabinoids online, specifically pure CBD tincture, is not without any controversy. After all, there are still some who believe the common misconceptions about the possible CBD tincture side effects – like getting high since its basic composition is still from extraction of cannabis (or more popularly known as marijuana). Fortunately, these misunderstandings can easily be debunked with just a simple research of uses and effects of CBD vape oil.

What is CBD tincture?

Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive and non-addictive chemical compound derived from a simple cannabis plant. Unlike medical marijuana, CBD is regarded as a therapeutic supplement rather than a medical cure by itself. For example, the use of CBD for anxiety and pain management is pretty well-known. There is also a considerable number of clinical studies that show strong support for the use of CBD hemp oils for seizures, particularly in patients with epilepsy. Some even uses CBD tincture for sleep improvement.

In addition, pure CBD tincture uses its innate ability to interact with other chemical compounds such as alcohol and vegetable oil for easy ingestion (via dropper). It can even incorporate delicious flavors to make it more palatable to the consumer.

What are the effects of CBD tincture on the human body?

According to several clinical studies held in the United States, pure CBD tincture can be used on a wide range medical conditions that can range managing chronic body pain to rheumatoid arthritis. Even patients who suffered from Crohn’s disease, diabetes, or cancer had also reported a significant improvement in their health ever since they started using CBD oil. It is also said to be effective in managing the brutal effects of PTSD, schizophrenia, and anxiety of various patients.

However, like any other thing in this world, the excessive consumption can bring out some CBD tincture side effects. In fact, those who had received 1200 to 1500mg CBD tincture dosage on a daily basis had reported light-headedness, drowsiness, dry mouth, and lowered blood pressure in just four weeks.

People are asking: how much CBD oil to take for anxiety? Medical experts recommend that patients should not take more than 300mg daily for six months to prevent feeling any of the mentioned side effects. Furthermore, there is no published evidence that CBD is entirely safe for pregnant or breast-feeding mom, which is why most doctors tend to steer them away from this kind of therapeutic treatment. Lastly, patients who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease would need to find another possible alternate treatment since it can make those involuntary tremors much worse.

The CBD vape effects has been proven to be wide and varied. This is why some had already regarded CBD as some kind of miracle medicine. However, further clinical research and trials are still needed to solidify CBD’s claim as a wonderful alternate treatment for what could have been “untreatable” ailments. Furthermore, since CBD is classified as a supplement, you still need to visit your doctor regularly in order to get proper medical help for whatever is illness that you are currently suffering.